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If your pooch is sociable and confident then this is the ideal walk for them.

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Group walks are ideal for dogs who love the social aspect of being part of a pack. By joining a small group of up to three dogs, your furry companion will have the opportunity to engage in play, interact with other dogs, and build strong bonds within the group.

Introducing our group dog walking service, designed for those sociable pups who thrive in the company of their furry friends. If your dog enjoys the companionship and energy of other canines, our group walks provide a fun and stimulating environment where they can socialise, exercise, and explore together.

I have access to a secure dog exercise field which means I can safely walk up to six dogs on a group walk.


  • 1 hour £12 - group walk on the secure dog exercise field (includes pick up and drop off)

Some dogs on a group walk

During each group walk, I ensure a safe and harmonious dynamic among the dogs. We carefully select compatible canine companions based on temperament, energy levels, and play styles to create a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

While your dog enjoys the camaraderie of their fellow furry friends, we never compromise on the quality of individualised attention. Keeping to small group sizes allows me to maintain a watchful eye on each dog, ensuring their well-being, safety, and personal needs are met throughout the walk.

With group walks, your dog benefits from both social interaction and the guidance of a professional handler. I understand that some dogs thrive in group settings but still require specific attention or modifications to the walk. I take into account each dog's unique needs, whether it's a slower pace for an older dog, extra playtime for a high-energy pup, or any other necessary adjustments to accommodate their individual requirements.

At the heart of my group dog walking service is a commitment to creating a balanced and enjoyable experience for all participating dogs. Prioritising safety, engagement, and overall well-being, to ensure that every furry member of the pack receives the exercise and socialisation they need to lead a happy and healthy life.

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Contact me today using the form below and give your canine companion the opportunity to forge new friendships, burn off energy, and explore the world alongside their furry peers. Experience the joy and enrichment that comes from being part of a pack while knowing that your dog is in the capable hands of an dedicated dog walker.

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