Ideal for dogs who either aren't overly-keen on being walked with others, or even if you just prefer they got 1-2-1 attention whilst on their walks.

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Welcome to our specialized dog walking service, where we prioritize the individual needs of your furry companion. Our solo dog walking service is designed specifically for nervous dogs or those that prefer one-on-one attention.

Not all dogs thrive in group settings and require a more personalised approach. With my expertise and commitment to your dog's well-being, I can ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve during their walks.


  • 30 minutes £10
  • 45 minutes £12
  • 60 minutes £14

Dog enjoying a solo-walk

My approach

I believe in providing a calm and comfortable environment for your dog. As an experienced dog walker I will discuss your pet to understand the unique requirements of your individual dog. By walking only one dog at a time, we can tailor each walk to match your dog's personality, energy levels, and any specific instructions you may have.

Benefits of Solo Dog Walking

  1. Personal Attention: Your dog will receive undivided attention throughout the entire walk. This focused approach helps to build trust, reduce anxiety, and strengthen the bond between your dog and the walker.
  2. Reduced Stress: For nervous or anxious dogs, group walks can be overwhelming. My solo dog walking service provides a stress-free experience, allowing your dog to explore at their own pace without any external pressures or distractions.
  3. Safety First: I prioritise safety above all else. Walking only one dog at a time eliminates the risk of potential conflicts with other dogs, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for your furry friend.

Customised Walks

I will create routes that align with your dog's preferences and comfort levels. We consider factors such as familiar territories, quiet streets, or parks with minimal foot traffic, ensuring your dog feels secure throughout the walk. Each dog has different energy levels and exercise requirements. A solo walk allows me to adapt the pace and duration of the walk to meet your dog's specific needs, whether they prefer a leisurely stroll or an energetic adventure.

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My solo dog walking service offers a tailored approach to meet the needs of nervous dogs or dogs who don't socialise well. By providing personalised attention, a stress-free environment, and customised walks, we aim to make every outing a positive and enjoyable experience for your furry friend. Trust us to prioritise your dog's well-being and make their walks safe, comfortable, and filled with joy.

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